Kroll Generators


Kroll’s extensive product line of high performance and energy saving generators is now available to Canadian clients.


  • Extensive line of generators range from mini portable unit to 1.3 MW units
  • Unique burn system ensures maximum efficiency
  • Durable high quality design and fabrication contribute to unusual low maintenance requirements
  • Models available that burn multiple fuels including low quality waste lubricants
  • Models available that run on waste cooking, fish and animal oils – ideal for remote northern operations


  • Unique high efficiency operation reduces cost of expensive flown in diesel fuel
  • Adaptability to local waste oil reduces disposal challenges while reducing diesel dependence
  • Models available for standby emergency power generation, temporary power and cogenerations


  • Ideal for remote northern First Nation, Mining and Military reliant on costly flown-in diesel fuel
  • Optimal emergency power generation option for hospitals and other important buildings
  • Suitable for co-generation applications due to highly reliable problem free operations

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