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UET Water Technologies

UET has discovered how to restore water to its natural balance without adding chemicals, and designed a revolutionary water treatment technology that works in all environments.

Restoring Equilibrium

Any water passing through different processes changes its properties and will begin losing its natural equilibrium. Most water treatment methods try to resist or inhibit the minerals in order to solve water-related problems.
UET discovered that promoting only those minerals that are disruptive to the process can restore the natural mineral balance of the water. This is achieved by calculating the dynamic equilibrium curve for each water system and implementing it using an electrolysis system, designed according to unique algorithms, to balance the excess minerals in the correct proportions. Through UET’s unique electrochemical process, the water is returned to its equilibrium within the reaction chamber, leaving the entire water system free of deposits, corrosion and bio-contamination.

Chemical Reactions

In each UET system, the supply water is passed through a series of reaction chambers which are configured to apply electrolysis in order to restore the supply water’s mineral balance to an optimum equilibrium. By applying DC voltage to electrodes in the chambers H+ and OH- ions are produced by partial electrolysis of the water. The addition of OH- ions promotes scale formation with the excess of ions Ca+2 and CO3-2 (Ca+2 + 2CO3-2 + OH- = CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O) in the chambers.

Cleaning the System

The addition of H+ ions produces biocides through the process of electro-chlorination, which eliminates bacteria and viruses in the water system. The electrolysis process also promotes oxidation and causes electrocoagulation and flocculation, which remove heavy metals from the water.

Discover more about UET at www.uet.co.il and contact Leon Wasser, MBA, P.Eng. to discuss your cooling tower water quality improvement needs leon.wasser@wasserresources.com (416) 473-4614.

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