Southern Climates


Wasser Resources distributes technologies specifically designed to address the needs  and opportunities presented in tropical and southern climates.


Location in warm and tropical environments have access to a wide range of energy sources that can be harvested and utilized including from the sun, wind, river current and ocean waves. In addition, energy costs in many warm southern locations are high. The following is a list of technologies which can be employed to generate electricity and other forms of energy:

Hydrogen Power for Off Grid Cell Tower Networks – Energy Systems for Remote Facilities

Ocean Wave Power – Effectively Harvest the Power Contained in Ocean Waves

Run of the River Power – Harvest the Energy of River Current

Solar Hot Water – Use Abundant Sunshine to Produce Domestic and Process Hot Water

Solar Roofing Shingles – Transform Your Roof into a Massive Solar Power Generator

Wind Power – Harvest Abundant Wind Power Using Micro-Wind Turbines


The following are technologies that can dramatically reduce power required for air conditioning, a major application of power in hot climates:

Entrance Door Air Curtains – Conserve Valuable Conditioned Air and Block Hot Humid Air

Solar Window Coating – Effectively Block Solar Heat Gain and Retain Welcome Sunshine

Solar Window Film – Econonically Block Solar Heat Gain and Retain Welcome Sunshine

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