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The world of energy is evolving at an ever-accelerating pace as new energy production and utilization technologies emerge, new practices are adopted, and new standards are developed and applied.

In terms of energy utilization, new technologies are emerging which dramatically reduce the consumption of both electrical power and carbon-based fuels. These energy conservation technologies reduce power and fuel consumption, often reduce operating costs and extend equipment lifetimes and can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) consumption offering further environmental benefits.

Even greater changes are taking place in the realm of renewable energy production where new technologies are constantly being developed to harvest embedded energy from the sunlight, wind, water, the ground and even from basic molecular structures.

The goal of the Resilient World Institute’s School of Energy is to teach our students about some of the most important and relevant energy topics for their professional practices and careers through a diverse and growing portfolio of courses focused on important issues relevant to Canadian energy professionals.

Each program is designed to deliver expert advice to energy which can be applied immediately by our students to their professional practices. Our academic focus is on the application of recognized technologies, standards and application to current energy challenges and demands. All of our courses will be led by veteran professionals with extensive experience in applying the material which they will present to our valued students.

Our current curriculum focuses on new energy requirements under the Ontario Building Code, the Toronto Green Standard, CMHC and ENERGY STAR® for buildings. We also offer intensive training course for energy modeling including using the important eQuest energy modeling system. In addition which offer training to qualify as Certified Energy Advisor.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and to support your professional development.

Leon Wasser, MBA, P.Eng.
Director, School of Energy
Resilient World Institute
Cell: (416) 473-4614

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