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ETime HeatShield Feature & Benefits Summary

ETime HeatShield: Product Overview

ETime HeatShield solar window coating is a retrofit window treatment that converts glass into radiant heat traps, capable of regulating the interior temperature of buildings. By applying a single layer (8 microns thin) to a window, this coating reduces heat transfer, making it optimal for both hot and cold climates. HeatShield is based on nanotechnology which works on the principle of High Emissivity [High – E]. In the summer, it absorbs solar bands of light and uses them to heat glass. This creates a thermal barrier which reduces solar heat gain. In the winter, it preserves interior heat using a thermal barrier created by the convective heat from a building’s heating ventilation system. HeatShield Saves Energy by reducing cooling and heating requirements and Increases comfort by giving you the best of what the sun has to offer.

ETime HeatShield – Video Explanation – “Block the Heat Not the Light”

Product Features

  • Reduce cooling costs by 20%-40%
  • Reduces total energy consumption
  • Blocks up to 70% of infrared heat
  • Blocks up to 90% ultra violet light
  • Allows 70% of visible light
  • Guaranteed not to crack, bubble or peel and to maintain effectiveness for 15 years

ETime HeatShield Certifications

  • CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels – Safe and non-toxic coating safe for use office or home.

Return on Investment 

  • ETime HeatShield solar window coating is among the best energy savings a property manager can make
  • Project payback periods can vary due to project circumstances

Installation of Solar Window Coating

  • ETime HeatShield installations are performed by a team of specially trained technicians
  • Installations are organized and scheduled to suit the operating constraints of our clients
  • Once applied ETime HeatShield provides an invisible and durable insulating heat barrier

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Articles about Solar Window Coating

Go Nano – ETime HeatShield Competes Against Traditional Film, Glass Canada, Dec 2013:

“Reflective glass is made by applying a reflective metal-based (usually silver) film or coating onto the glass. Unlike tinted glass, this film or coating works by reflecting the solar radiation away from the glass. The more reflective the film or coating, the more of the visible spectrum of solar radiation is reflected away, creating a mirror-like look to the glass and reducing visibility. The more reflective the coating, the more difficult it is to see through the glass…..” Continue to full article