MIG Energy Saving Paint

MIG Energy Saving Paints were developed to dramatically increase the R Value of existing facilities MIG ENERGY SAVING PAINTS BENEFITS Dramatically reduce energy consumed for heating Significantly reduces energy required for air conditioning Increases comfort level throughout building Facilitates maintenance of consistent temperature throughout year MIG ENERGY SAVING PAINT FEATURES Available in both interior and … Read more MIG Energy Saving Paint

Kroll Generators

KROLL GENERATORS Kroll’s extensive product line of high performance and energy saving generators is now available to Canadian clients. PRODUCT FEATURES Extensive line of generators range from mini portable unit to 1.3 MW units Unique burn system ensures maximum efficiency Durable high quality design and fabrication contribute to unusual low maintenance requirements Models available that … Read more Kroll Generators

Global Technologies

WASSER RESOURCES GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES We help innovative global building and energy technology companies to enter the Canadian market and simultaneously we help Canadian governments, businesses and other clients to address and resolve their technological, operational and financial challenges through unique, innovative and effective solutions. The following is our current roster of global technologies which we … Read more Global Technologies