Off Grid Technologies

Most Canadian population centres are well equipped to satisfy the energy needs for modern society through a sophisticated distribution network for power, natural gas and other fuels. Many other places across this vast land, and large parts of many other nations, do not have the energy supplies that most Canadians in settled areas enjoy, and must rely on expensive, polluting and unreliable supplies of diesel and other fuels for basic needs.

The following is a short list of places which can benefit from some of the “Off Grid” technologies discussed in this this newsletter:

  • Cottages Camp Grounds
  • Coast Guard Stations
  • First Nation Communities
  • Island Communities & Homes
  • Isolated Communities
  • Mines & Natural Resource Sites
  • Northern Roads, Rail Lines & Air Strips
  • National Defence Facilities
  • Research & Scientific Outposts
The following is a list of innovative technologies now available which are detailed below:
  • Solar Photovoltaic Street Light Pole Wrap – RetroFlex Film
  • Solar Photovoltaic Shingle Roofing – Solar Shingles Canada
  • Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems – Globe Solar Energy
  • Wave Power Turbines – EcoWave Power
  • Wind Turbines – EnerCube, EnerPole & EnerTwr
Solar Photovoltaic Street Light Pole Wrap – RetroFlex Film

  • A unique PV wrap designed to power street lights
  • Wraps around any style of street lights of any height or material
  • Typically coupled with battery to store power generated all day
  • Supplies sufficient street light power even in low light conditions
  • Finished with slick nano coating to prevent winter surface icing up
  • Provides essential lighting for remote roads and open areas
  • Enables the rapid addition of street lights in urban parks and walkways
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  • Transforms any portion of a roof or the entire roof into a PV generator
  • Solid steel solar roofing replaces perishable asphalt roof shingles
  • Permanently supplies power to building or facility
  • Modular units easily snap together to create complete PV assembly
  • Easily shipped even to remote locations in conveniently size packaging
  • Designed to be mounted directly onto any pitched or sloped roof
  • Attractive finish complements any architectural styling
  • Can be installed on new buildings or retrofitted onto existing roofs
  • Qualifies for Ontario IESO Feed In Tariff Incentive
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  • Generates plentiful hot water even on -40 degree C temperature days
  • Each module is designed to provide domestic hot water for 4 people
  • Reduces reliance on diesel generated hot domestic water
  • Large assemblies produce institutional commercial process hot water
  • Robust design for remote installations
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Wave Power – Eco Wave Systems
  • Efficiently harvests the latent power contained in ocean waves
  • Designed to be mounted on wharves, docks any shoreline structures
  • Modular design allows assembly of units into large generating facilities
  • Ideal for coast guard, port, fishing, naval and research facilities
  • Designed for a long operational life in locations subject to wave action
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Wind Power – EnerDynamic EnerCube 
  • Incorporates unique EnerDynamic vertical axis concave turbine blades
  • Can operate effectively with wind speeds as low as 5 km per hour
  • Open cube frame design enables assembly almost anywhere
  • Rapid assembly and disassembly enables “Power in an Hour”
  • Ideal for high wind environments including isolated mining camps
  • Can be quickly mounted on the roof of virtually any structure
  • Perfect for seasonal national & provincial park and fishing lodges
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Wind Power – EnerDynamic EnerPole 
  • Single EnerDynamic wind turbine blade mounted on unique tripod base
  • The ultimate in portable green energy – sets up in seconds
  • Designed to provide a rapid power supply virtually anywhere
  • Ideal for camping and other remote recreational activities
  • Suitable for instant power needed for emergency response
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Wind Turbine Power – EnerDynamic EnerTwr 
  • Incorporates unique EnerDynamic vertical axis wind turbine blades
  • Designed to be side-mounted on power & cell tower structures
  • Generates low voltage electricity for ancillary utility pole power needs
  • Can provide power for cell phone repeaters
  • Can provide service power for maintenance crews
  • Smooth non-turbulent design minimizes impact on pole operations
  • Durable design minimizes need for servicing in remote areas
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Please contact us to discuss how these and our other innovative technology solutions can help you to address your specific energy needs.
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