Preventing Accidents Waiting to Happen

We have all heard the expression “Accidents happen”, but the reality is that in many cases, they don’t have to. A timely investment in mitigative technologies can prevent adverse outcomes, or reduce the impact of accidents that can occur. The following are some common situations and measures that you can take to reduce risk:

Risk: Slip & Fall Accidents 

  • Reduce entry of wind driven rain and snow
  • Reduce entry of dust and insects
  • For pedestrian, freight & garage doors

Risk: Short Term Power Outages
Solution: Kroll Multi-Fuel Generators

  • Uniquely runs on many fuels like waste oil
  • Dependable supply of alternative power
  • Robust continuous problem-free operation

Risk: Long Term Power Outages
Solution: Solar Shingles Canada PV Roofing

  • Robust steel construction ensures long life
  • Avoids need for vulnerable roof shingles
  • Avoids need for traditional solar panel racks
  • Ideal for diesel dependent remote locations

Risk: Electrical Fires
Solution: Autani Wireless Retrofit Building Controls

  • Monitors & controls electrical devices 24/7
  • Wireless thermostats for baseboard heaters
  • Identifies problems needing quick responses
  • Ideal for remote & unsupervised facilities
  • Generates detailed management reports

Risk: Power Quality Problems
Solution: Elspec Power Quality Systems

  • Identify & assess local & building-wide issues
  • Corrects sag, surge, spikes & imbalances
  • Prevents tripping of elevator & fire controls
  • Provides clean power for vulnerable devices
  • Ideal for data centres, hospitals & towers
  • Useful for power intensive manufacturers
  • Corrects both internal & utility problem

Risk: UV Radiation Damage
Solution: ETime HeatShield Window Coating

  • Blocks 95% of damaging UV sunlight
  • Protects chocolate & other sensitive foods
  • Protects store signage, paintings & finishes
  • Use for storefronts, windows & skylights
  • Conserves heat & cooling during blackouts

Risk: Window Breakage & Break-Ins
Solution: HanitaTek SafetyZone Window Film

  • A variety of films for different applications
  • Withstands aggressive intruder attempts
  • Protects food processors from glass shards
  • Protects against explosion & weapons
  • Reflective & translucent privacy films
  • Mitigates storms, wind & quake damage

Risk: Building & Furniture Graffiti
Solution: HanitaTek Anti-Graffiti Film

  • Invisible film applies to any smooth surface
  • Multiple film layers facilitates easy removal
  • Resists most markings & physical vandalism

Risk: Accidents and System Breakdowns

  • Powerful & easy to use management tool
  • Plan & schedule inspection & maintenance
  • Optimize routines to focus on critical tasks
  • Identify & monitor vulnerable systems at risk
  • Record unscheduled breakdowns & repairs
  • Maintains detailed equipment histories
  • Used for buildings, equipment & fleets
  • Generates all types of management reports
  • Maintains audit compliant system records
  • Used globally across many building sectors
  • Essential for vulnerable transport systems
Let’ discuss how we can dramatically reduce the specific risk profile of your facilities and equipment.


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