SmartPixel Interactive Virtual Presentation Centres


The New Way to Showcase Major Projects

Architects, urban planners, engineers, infrastructure builders, developers and government leaders all need better tools to introduce and present their complex multi-dimensional development projects. SmartPixel virtual presentation centres are the ideal technology to fulfill this urgent need.

Static words and pictures, whether in brochures or on screen, are far are too limiting to explain and bring bold new communities or structures to life. Physical models, storyboards and PowerPoint presentations cannot adequately explain all the features and benefits of your development to all of your stakeholders.

Custom designed SmartPixel virtual presentation centres seamlessly blend computer assisted design (CAD) building modelling into online urban and regional mapping resources and then applies sophisticated video game animation to create a captivating dynamic film about the epic development you are creating.

Working with your design, communications and marketing teams, SmartPixel will help you to tell your story far more effectively to all your audiences.

SmartPixel empowers you to illustrate and bring to life your visionary projects including:

  • Large urban developments
  • High rise condominiums
  • Housing Subdivisions
  • Institutional  buildings
  • Resort complexes
  • Transit developments
  • Railway and road systems
  • Complex utility systems

Explore a sample of completed SmartPixel projects to begin to visualize the power of fully interactive videos for your projects: (Please note that unlike the custom projects we can do for you, these videos are not interactive.)

For more information contact Leon Wasser, MBA, P.Eng., Wasser Resources Inc., Authorized SmartPixel Reseller, (416)473-4614

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