SonoMask: Unique Pathogen Protection

Sonovia Tech - Revolutionizing Textile Wet-Processing Startup to World
Israeli anti-viral mask maker Sonovia eyes Nasdaq listing this year
Commencing in 2013, Sonovia began its mission by fostering the global rights for development concerning a revolutionary sono-chemical coating methodology designed at the prestigious Bar Ilan Univeristy in Israel.  The company proceeded to establish material strategic partnerships and initiatives targeted to support its scale-up efforts; in pursuit of the noble objective to dramatically combat the transmission and impact of Hospital Acquired Infections globally.  Moreover, Sonovia presents a global solution to the textile industry in the form of its disruptive ultrasonic based, high performance, sustainable and cost competitive wet-processing application, by massively aiding in alleviating excess pollution and waste. The applications of the technology therefore have the potential to dramatically reduce the transmission of disease caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses as the mechanisms by which zinc oxide nano-particles acts are universally bio-active against all microbes  Read all the exciting news about Sonovia’s unique pathogen potecting face masks:
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