What We Do

Wasser Resources Inc. Technologies and Services 


Wasser Resources helps its clients to become more economically and ecologically more sustainable. We achieve by helping them to reduce their energy consumption and optimize their operations.

  • We assemble a portfolio of advanced Canadian and global green technologies to serve the Canadian market
  • We commercialize and market innovative Canadian clean technologies including innovative energy technologies
  • We match Canadian clients with technologies that will help them reduce their costs and become more profitable
  • We help Canadian cleantech “start up” technology companies to launch and grow into market leaders
  • We introduce innovative new global clean technologies into the Canadian market
  • We facilitate the development of export markets for Canadian technology companies
  • We participate in numerous technology and business associations to identify new opportunities for our clients
  • We lead clean technologies towards new markets and opportunities
  • We enable Canadians companies and organizations to live more sustainably and reduce their environmental footprint
  • We support Canada’ s and global efforts to reduce greenhouse gasas and the other climate change impacts
  • We commercialize and Market Canadian clean tech both in Canada and across the globe.
  • We contribute to sharing innovative discoveries and findings through lectures and writing technical articles
  • We advocate with not-for-profits for beneficial environmental and economic public policies and programs
  • We collaborate with and support corporate and other partners in order to support our shared aspiration

What We Do

Wasser Resources Inc. is fully engaged in helping the transformation to a low carbon green and sustainable economy.

We assist Canadian and global green technology companies to enter the commercial marketplace so they can begin their journey to success.

We help suitable international green technology companies to enter the Canadian market place to help Canadians to live more sustainable.

We write and publish professional articles and do presentations about green sustainable technologies and the policies needed to advance these.

We participate in non-for-profit organizations which support the goal of sustainability, economic development and technological advancement.

We collaborate and support other companies which share or aspirations for a better world.

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