Curtain Time! Keep Out Winter Cold with Pedestrian, Garage & Freight Door Air Curtains

Curtain Time! Keep Out Winter Cold with Pedestrian, Garage & Freight Door Air Curtains

The temperature outdoors is quickly dropping and soon Canada’s world famous winter cold and snow will be back, but you need not be defenseless against our traditional cold weather. Investing in air curtains for your pedestrian, parking garage and freight doors and service windows will effectively protect both your facilities and all your building occupants all season long. The following key downloads can help you prepare for the upcoming cold season:

Air Curtain Webpage: Everything You Need to Know to Stay Warm

Air Curtain Features & Benefits Flyer

2015-15 Heat Saving System Air Curtains Product Catalog: Hot Off the Press.
The following are most popular models and their applications:
Model AC200
For Drive Through, Ticket Wicket, Parking & Transit Kiosks Service Windows
Electrically Heat
Model AC300
For Retailers, Apartments and Office Building Pedestrian Entrances
Electrically or Hot Water Heated
Model AC400
For Overhead Freight Doors and Parking Garage Doors
Ambient (Unheated) and Electrically Heated Versions

Model AC 1000
Suspended Units for Upscale Shopping Malls, Hotels & Public Institutions
Electrically or Hot Water Heated

Model AC1001
Floor Mounted For Condominiums, Public Institutions, Hotels & Sports Facilities
Electrically or Hot Water Heated

Key Product Benefits:
• Reduced loss of warmed and humidified air
• Reduced entry of uncomfortable dry cold air
• Reduced floor cleaning costs due to entry of wind driven snow and sleet
• Reduced risk of wet floor slip and fall due to entry of wind driven snow
Key Product Features:
• Built in control systems for maximum operational efficiency
• Robust design ensures long life with minimal maintenance
• Most units designed for either 220 or 600 volt electrical service
• Many units available in hot water (hydronically heated) versions
• Most units available in standard 39″, 59″ and 79″ widths
• Units can be grouped together for larger width entrances
• Many units in stock ready for immediate delivery
Many overhead garage and freight door air curtains models also qualify for generous Enbridge, Union Gas and other natural gas utility Air Curtain Energy Conservation Incentives.

Air curtains effectively reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions since most Canadian buildings are heated with GHG producing natural gas or oil.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future to explore all the benefits of entrance door air curtains as well as our many other energy saving technologies.


Leon Wasser MBA, P.Eng

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