Enbridge Renews Air Curtain Incentives for 2016

Enbridge has extended its generous air curtain incentive program for 2016. This incentive applies to ambient or unheated air curtains. The air curtain Enbridge natural gas incentive is most generous for garage and freight door air curtains but also apply to smaller pedestrian doors.  Ambient air curtains coupled with suspended natural gas fired heaters are the most effective way to protect your parking garage or delivery zone from winter cold and snow. Our Heat Saving System air curtains have been pre-qualified for these incentives.

The following are the air curtain incentives offered by Enbridge:

  • Single Pedestrian Door $50
  • Double Pedestrian Door $100
  • 8’x8′ Freight/Garage Door $450
  • 8’x10′ Freight/Garage Door $600
  • 10’x10″ Freight/Garage Door $2,4000

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