Here Comes the Sun! Summer Season Building & Energy Technologies

SUMMER BUILDING AND ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES   While summer is a great time to enjoy time off with family and friends and to travel around our great and beautiful country, it is also a great time to invest in energy and building optimization technologies including the following ones: ANTI GRAFFITI FILM Protect vulnerable assets in high … Read more

Toronto Hydro Applicant Represenative Initiative

Wasser Resources Inc. is now registered as a Toronto Hydro Applicant Representative to help connect buildings owners with the broad array of energy conservation incentives offered by Toronto Hydro. The Applicant Representative Initiative is designed for customers applying for incentives under the saveONenergy Retrofit Program funded by the Ontario Power Authority and offered by Toronto … Read more

More Power To You: Wasser Resources Power Conservation Technologies Newsletter

More Power To You: Wasser Resources Power Conservation Technologies Newsletter On Monday, December 2, the Ontario Government introduced its eagerly anticipated new Long Term Plan for Energy. The following are the two most important announcement in the plan for building operators: (1) Power prices will increase over the next several years (2) Building owners are … Read more

Power Quality an Issue for Wind Turbines that Needs to be Addressed

The uniquely turbulent and unpredictable nature of power generated by wind turbines creates special challenges for the power utilities that need to blend the power generated from this source into their complex power grid. In order to meet the exacting power quality specified by utilities through their published Connection Standards the power needs to be … Read more

Trinidad & the Carribbean Opportunities

Wasser Resources, Inc,, is working on several consulting assignments for Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and other locations in the Caribeean relating to solid waste management, water quality improvement, energy and related educational program development opportunities.

“Greening Your Parking Facility” by Leon Wasser, MBA, P.Eng., Published in Parker Magazine, June 2010

The following is an article I wrote for the June 2010 issue of Parker magazine, Published by the Canadian Parking Association. I have a long standing interest in transportation and transit issues. I was also a member of Transport 2000 which advocated for all forms of public and rail transportation. As a long-time member, and … Read more