Now Interview about VIGA Indoor Gardening

Leon Wasser was interviewed by Now magazine for an article about indoor gardening which part says: “While HiGarden’s ambitions include working with schools, long-term-care facilities and northern Canadian food deserts, the company is also conscious of growing consumer demand. “Younger people in condos don’t have easy access to green space,” says Wasser. “This is something … Read more

The Evolving ABCs of LED Tube Lights

The Evolving ABCs of LED Tube Lights The History Tube Lights Florescent Tube Lights have been a dominant light source for the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) building sector for many years. Beginning in the 1930’s, the 50-55 watt four foot long T12 model was most common tube format. Beginning in the 1980’s, these T12s … Read more

Enbridge Renews Air Curtain Incentives for 2016

Enbridge has extended its generous air curtain incentive program for 2016. This incentive applies to ambient or unheated air curtains. The air curtain Enbridge natural gas incentive is most generous for garage and freight door air curtains but also apply to smaller pedestrian doors.  Ambient air curtains coupled with suspended natural gas fired heaters are … Read more

Curtain Time! Keep Out Winter Cold with Pedestrian, Garage & Freight Door Air Curtains

Curtain Time! Keep Out Winter Cold with Pedestrian, Garage & Freight Door Air Curtains The temperature outdoors is quickly dropping and soon Canada’s world famous winter cold and snow will be back, but you need not be defenseless against our traditional cold weather. Investing in air curtains for your pedestrian, parking garage and freight doors … Read more

New Product: RetroFlex PV Street Light Pole Wrap

ClearWorld’s RetroFlex is a retro-fit lighting solution designed to harness solar energy and provide outdoor lighting that preserves resources, requires no moving parts, and is virtually maintenance free. RetroFlex is capable of wireless monitoring for faults as well as wireless programming including dimming capabilities. RetroFlex is focused on providing both on and off-grid solar LED … Read more

WRI Presents Globe LED Lighting to CSC Hamilton Niagara May 21, 2015

Globe LED Lighting Construction Specification Canada Hamilton Niagara Chapter Technology Series Wasser Resources Presents Globe LED Inc. – Innovations in LED Lighting Technologies Thursday, May 21, 2015, 12:00- 2:00 pm 828 Legion Rd, Burlington, ON L7S 1T6 Lighting is one of the primary uses of energy in our buildings, typically constituting up to almost one … Read more

New! Globe LED Motion Controlled Retrofit Lights Launches at PM Expo Dec 3-5

GLOBE LED MOTION CONTROLLED LIGHTS FOR PARKING GARAGES AND SERVICE AREAS Globe LED introduces an innovative new LED lighting system for parking garages, corridors, stairwells, storage rooms and other building service areas, Globe LED lights incorporate both radar enabled motion detection and infrared detecting occupancy sensors directly on the tube. Globe LED lights normally operate … Read more

Winter is Coming – Invest in Pedestrian & Freight Door Air Curtains

Winter is Coming -Invest in Pedestrian & Freight Door Air Curtains Tap into Enbridge & Union Gas Incentives With the arrival of November, unfortunately winter is just around the corner. The cold is coming but you can fight back with pedestrian and freight door air curtains. As a bonus, you can reduce your investment cost … Read more

Thurs, Nov 20 – Autani Wireless Retrofit Building Controls @ CSC Hamilton-Niagara

  Autani Wireless Retrofit Building Controls @ CSC Hamilton-Niagara Thursday, Nov 20, 2014 – 12:00 – 2:00 pm Learn about the innovative Autani Wireless Retrofit Building Controls at our presentation at the upcoming monthly Construction Specification Canada professional building technology forum. Technology:      Autani Wireless Retrofit Building Control System Event:                Construction Specification Canada Hamilton Niagara Chapter … Read more

ETime HeatShield Cora’s Etobicoke – Thur, Nov 6, 2014

Come meet with Mike McDonald owner of Chez Cora’s Etobicoke Breakfast and Lunch Restaurant and Peter Tung, the inventor of  ETime Heatshield Nanotechnology Window Coating at a Product Demonstation Open House. Experience HeatShield’s unique solar heat gain properties in person. Mike McDonald, Cora’s Video Testimonial Host:               Chez Cora Breakfast & Lunch Restaurant Location:        1555 The Queensway, … Read more